Types of Business Structures in Singapore

Types of Business Structures in Singapore

A few months ago, we shared our perspectives on the factors contributing to Singapore’s business-friendly reputation. (Read: Why set up your business in Singapore). If you find our earlier article useful, the next crucial step on your entrepreneurial journey would be to decide on the type of business structure.

It is important to consider the differences between the business structures as they may affect business operations, tax obligations, regulatory compliance, and other matters such as branding. The liabilities faced by business owners also vary and may have significant implications on business costs and sustainability.

To guide you in your decision making, the following resources will provide an overview of the various types of business entities in Singapore. Scroll to the end of the article to download a free PDF copy of our resources.


Sole Proprietorship

Information on Sole Proprietorship



Information on Partnership


Limited Partnership

Information on Limited Partnership (LP)


Limited Liability Partnership

Information on Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)



Information on Company

Types of Company


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