Advenz Industry Highlights Q4 2022

Industry Highlights: Q4 2022

The Advenz Industry Highlights is a quarterly digest that curates news essential to operating a business in Singapore. Not sure about the implications of new rules and regulations? We have you covered. 

Applications for ONE Pass opens 1 January 2023

Applications for the newly launched Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass (ONE Pass) in Singapore will open on 1 January 2023. Aiming to attract top talent across all sectors, the pass offers much more flexibility for applications, but there is also a much higher eligibility criteria with a minimum monthly salary of S$30,000. Key facts and comparison of existing employment passes or schemes below:  


Work pass/scheme 


Salary criteria (monthly) 




Application made by 


S$30,000 and above 


5 years (renewable)  




S$22,500 and above 


3 years (non-renewable) 





S$5,000 – S$10,500  



2 years (subsequent renewal validity of 3 years) 



Company of employment 


S Pass  



S$3,000 – S$4,500  



2 years (renewable) 



Company of employment 




2 years (renewable)  


Individual (but must have incorporated a company with 30% shareholding at date of application) 


With the upcoming Singapore Goods & Services Tax (GST) increase from 7% to 8% on 1 January 2023, businesses will need to start preparing for major changes to their finance operations. Some key actions include:  

  • Charge the correct GST rate for scenarios where the issuance of invoice, payment, and receipt of goods and services occur across 1 January 2023 
  • Update internal accounting and invoicing systems  
  • Update pricing and contracts for both customers and suppliers 
  • Educate employees on implications of GST hikes  
  • Prepare for the next GST increase from 8% to 9% in January 2024  

As a GST hike would result in higher business expenses, non-GST registered businesses that are eligible can consider applying to leverage tax recovery benefits, even if they have not crossed the S$1 million revenue threshold.  

Need an expert?

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