Incorporation of Company

Starting or expanding a business is an exciting journey, but not when the process is delayed by tedious and complex administrative processes. When you’re brimming with ideas and ready for things to kick off, time is of essence and the hassle of handling documentation requirements should be the least of your worries.

We assist both local and foreign clients in their company formation, from initial planning to ensuring compliance in the years after. Our expertise and commitment to professional and quality service has earned us positive feedback from many clients. 

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Private Company
– Private Company Limited by Shares
– Exempt Private Company

Public Company
– Public Company Limited by Shares
– Public Company Limited by Guarantee

Choosing A Name
Conduct a search on BizFile+ to ensure the name is available.

Registering A Name
Register the business name via BizFile+ to reserve the name before registering the business entity. The application costs $15 and once approved, the name will be reserved for 120 days. 

Specifying Business Activity
Specify the primary and secondary activities of the business with reference to the Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code during name application.

For Locals: 
– Director
– Company Secretary
– Chief Executive Officer and/or Managing Director
– Auditor

For Foreigners: 
– Registered Filing Agent
– Local Resident Director

The company must have at least one shareholder and the amount of issued capital (i.e. total amount that shareholders have paid for their shares) must be indicated. The minimum issued capital is $1.

There are two different types of shares:
– Ordinary Shares
– Preference Shares

Registered office address refers to the place where all communications and notices to the company may be addressed, and the place where the company’s register and records are kept.

Constitution is a legal document that:
– Describes the key characteristics of a company
– Contains the rules and regulations for its governance
– Describes how operations will be carried out
– States the rights and responsibilities of the directors, shareholders and company secretary.

The Financial Year End (FYE) determines when the corporate filings and taxes are due.

Common choices:
– 31 March
– 30 June
– 30 September
– 31 December

To incorporate the company, log in to BizFile+ using SingPass to submit the online transaction. An email notification for endorsement will  be sent to the appointed officers and all of them must endorse their consent online via BizFile+ within 60 days from date of email notification.

The fee for registering a company is $300.

After successfully registering the business entity with ACRA, depending on the type of business activity, a license or permit may be required before commencing business. 

A director of a company has to comply with a number of statutory obligations under the Companies Act such as:
– Annual General Meeting (AGM)
– Annual Return
– Register of Registrable Controllers
– Electronic Register of Members
– Electronic Register of Directors, Secretaries, Auditors and CEOs
– Changes in Company Information
– Changes in Personal Particulars of Company Officers and Shareholders